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Cards: The Attackening!  logo
Cards: The Attackening!  logo

Cards: The Attackening!

A pixeltastic tabletop card battle game for 2-5 people!




Cards: The Attackening! (tm) is quite possibly the best card-based game on this or any other Earth. Who made it? No one you’d know. (Us)

The plan is simple. Summon a cabal of universally renowned warriors known as The Attackeners and, utilizing their vast array of weapons, armor, and other cool things, seek to dominate friend and foe through the deadliest form of combat known to man: pictures on paper rectangles.

Created with ease-of-learning and FunTimes in mind, Cards: The Attackening! is a brilliantly addicting* game sure to make you say, “Damn, son, this is better than [third party game name redacted]!”

Cards: The Attackening! features 111 unique cards: Attackeners (aka heroes), Weapons, Armor, Pets, and more! The gameplay has roots in classic TCGs, but with a few notable modifications like rolling for damage/defense, a single deck for all players (which we call The Arsenal), and Twists of Fate, our signature addition to the genre. Twists of Fate either positively or negatively alter the gameplay on the Battlefield (or “kitchen table”).

No matter how you play, your enemies will pay!


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Publish Date January 24, 2015
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More Info Cards: The Attackening! web site

Why buy this?

  • Classic TCG gameplay with unique twists (of fate!)
  • Radical pixel art
  • A single box supports 2-5 players

Wanton Walrus Productions

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