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Carousel - The Card Game

Keep your eye on the prize or get left in the dust!

In this game based on the history of the Merry-Go-Round (a.k.a. Carousel), players compete to collect all of the cards of the deck by slapping in on a central pile as certain cards are played. Keep a sharp eye out, as Golden Rings will bring you success, but Red Flags and innocent bystanders could ruin you.

Enjoy the ride!

Brief History:

Carousels evolved from an Arabian sport in which horsemen ride in a circle and throw a perfume-filled clay ball to each other. The rules, as I understand them from my research, included that if you fail to catch it or it breaks on you, you're out. Play continues until one remains. Sometimes the perfume was foul-smelling, so if you lost the game, everyone knew about it for a week! Crusaders saw this game and took it back to Europe with them and it turned into a game involving rings and lances, which became a method of jousting practice. Then someone developed a device with pulleys and a wooden horse to allow young nobles and knights-in-training to practice jousting skills. This contraption would take you in a circle on a horse so you could attempt to spear through the ring. This device became more of an amusement, and so someone developed the Merry-Go-Round. On most Merry-Go-Rounds, if you look at the middle column that drives the device, you'll still see golden circles.

This game was inspired by this history, and the art depicts the jousting-practice device with backgrounds of grass and wheat fields.




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Publish Date June 06, 2019
Edition Second
Department Card Games
Genre Historic
Theme Knights
Audience Family
Primary Mechanic Dexterity
More Info Carousel - The Card Game web site

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