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CAT CLASH (Pixel Card Battle Expansion #2) logo

CAT CLASH (Pixel Card Battle Expansion #2)

In the second expansion for Pixel Card Battle, the CATS CLASH!





The Cats are a fierce species bent on world domination. Their mortal enemies are the Doggos.

In this all new expansion, you will meet 3 more awesome Cats that will help them destroy the Doggos!


This expansion contains 9 unique cards, with 2 copies of each card for a total of 18 cards!


There are three types of cards in the game, Characters, Items, and Attacks. You utilize all of them to gain victory! To learn more, download the instructions file on the side of the page.

What cards are in this expansion? Why should I buy it?

Lantern_Cat.png First we have LANTERN CAT, the face of this expansion. Its high HP and E/T will surely help your deck achieve victory!

Deceiving_Kitten.png Secondly, we have DECEIVING KITTEN. Don't be deceived by its looks, it hits HARD and deals lots of damage.

Unsettling_Stare.png Thirdly, we have UNSETTLING STARE, an attack. It will certainly help the Cats destroy the Doggos!


  • List of components:
  • 2 copies of 3 character cards
  • 2 copies of 3 item cards
  • 2 copies of 3 attack cards
  • 1 × Plastic Wrapper

IMPORTANT NOTE: The instructions are not in the physical card game. You can download them on this page; they are located below the "Why Buy This?" section. Even if you haven't bought a copy, you can download the instructions for free and see how to play before you buy!


If you have any questions, contact us here:


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Publish Date September 15, 2021
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Why buy this?

  • This is the second expansion of Pixel Card Battle!
  • This expansion is themed around CATS!
  • 2 copies of 9 unique cards to give you 18 total cards!


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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