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Cybernetic Urban Warfare. Corp Versus Corp.

In the boardgame of Cell two to four players' portray Corporations that build the Sprawl city with Sprawl Cells while fighting over control of those Cells by deploying Corporate Ronin and Hover-bikers. Neurohackers are also used by owning the Neuro-Net to provide advantage in battle and add points at the endgame. Control markers are used to convert ownership of Cells like in the game of Go.

There are four Sprawl-wide Events that can occur which include Terrorists Nuke, Mass Rioting, the Nemesis Mecha and a Net Plague. There are also Black Market units that go to the highest bidder.

Click here for to access our Cell Hub Site where you will find the main support page and will be able to stream the Cell theme: Deliver Me written and performed by Vancouver musician Gina Lily.

Earth 2045 A.D. - The Story of Cell

Some say the holocaust was born in the bloody conflicts of the 21st century. Mass Corporations fought for market supremacy using armed soldiers and Neuronet hackers and the common person was devalued under shareholder rule. The robotic uprising was a reaction to this wayward capitalism... the Corporate War of the 2040s leading to communism.

Click here to access the Neuro-Net, an animated news source that will give you the latest news on the Sprawl and the Corporate hostilities. Firefox browser, Flash player, sound and a 1600 x 1200 resolution or higher is needed to properly view the Neuro-Net.

A Hybrid Media Universe:

Cell is supported by not only the Neuronet web-site and Gina Lily's Cell theme but also by many other fiction, thematic and creative elements:

Micky Maus: A Story

Read the adventure of Maus and a runaway research subject he must extract from an enemy Cell. The fate of thousands lies in the balance.

Story is published and can be downloaded at the right.

Cell: Desktop Wallpaper

Download a 1280 x 1024 Cell themed desktop wallpaper based on the Cell color rulebook cover. Crafted by Nathan Trimmer.

Click here to download

Cell: Firefox Personas

Go to the official Firefox site and check out both a light theme and a dark theme based on Cell. They're free.

Click here for Personas link

Finally, many open source photos were used as a basis to illustrate the Cell cards. Please see the proper photo attribution page to the right.

Have fun!


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Publish Date February 01, 2010
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