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CH35S: Void-Beasts

Army expansion for CH35S




Terrors from the Void

Before the Knightmare Empire all but conquered galaxy CH35S, the Void-Beasts controlled nearly everything. Due to the sacrifice of a race of scientists, the Void-Beasts were beaten abck and banished to the darkest places of the universe. But the galaxy's saviors are no longer around. So, the strange creatures are slowly coming back to the galaxy and threatening to devour all in their path.

Welcome to the war for an entire galaxy. Welcome to the fight for freedom and control. Welcome to CH35S.


Void-Beasts is an expansion for the 2-player war game of far-future combat: CH35S. Included in this packet are all the tokens, army stats and rules you need to play this new, fast army.

BONUS: Want to test your army out before your next battle? Use the included solo scenario to play when no one else is around.

a YMOR game

This is a YMOR game. YMOR stands for Your Materials. Our Rules. We know you have bits and pieces laying around the house like dice, pawns, old chess sets, and maybe even painted models from war games. So, we jut make rules to use them in new ways with a few sheets of paper for rules or some cut-out tokens.

What Do We Need to Play?

You will need the following things to play the game in addition to those items:

  • A copy of the CH35S core rules
  • A table to play on
  • A bunch of six-sided dice (about 6 or so)
  • Chess pieces or models to represent your army in the game


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Publish Date February 11, 2021
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More Info CH35S: Void-Beasts web site

Why buy this?

  • Brand new army
  • Customize your army
  • Includes a solo-play scenario


  • This game does not come in a box.


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