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102-card, multi-mode, medieval-style game of enemy slaying & treasure hunting!




CHAMPIONS OF ARVAYDEA TM (pronounced ar-VAY-dee-uh) is a deluxe 102-card, medieval-style, multi-mode, boxed card game where players put together combo attacks to slay enemies for points, kills, treasure, to stay alive, or just to prove their might!

Players are Arvaydean Champions TM, who fight to secure the castle from invading enemies and creatures--or who participate in tournaments, against each other, for glory & honor!

The game is great for those who:

  1. Love fun, competitive, medieval-style card games
  2. Would like a little break from their regular D&D or Pathfinder RPG game session
  3. Want to play with their gamer friends, but the Game Master doesn't have an RPG adventure fully prepared
  4. Love games that can be played several different ways
  5. Enjoy collecting cards that feature beautiful, detailed artwork
  6. Appreciate games that can be learned in just a few minutes

Versatile Customizable Game (VCG) System TM makes it possible to play the game several different ways:

  1. Standard Game - Play Hero card and Attack card combos to take down enemies
  2. Treasure Hunter - Collect gold from slain enemies
  3. Last One Standing - self-explanatory
  4. Arena - Player vs. Player (PvP)
  5. Hunter - Most kills wins
  6. Boss Monster - One player plays as the Enemy, against the other players
  7. Trash & Treasure - Discarded cards can be picked up by other players
  8. Cooperative - Create combo attacks with your teammate
  9. Power - The higher the combo level, the more points you get
  10. Bandit/Empty Pockets - Make the wrong choice and you find no treasure--or you might get robbed!

Everything you need to play--including 32 red Wound tokens, 1 orange Turn Marker token and rules detailing each of the different modes--is included in this deluxe 102-card boxed set!

Cards feature a premium UV coating, for added durability.

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Portal, Swords, Gold Bags & Axes illustrations used under license from Gold Crown Games. Their awesome creations can be found on Character illustrations used under license from Forrest Imel. Forrest Imel is a freelance illustrator/concept artist working in the games industry. He has worked for many companies including Riot Games, Wizards of the Coast, Valve, Hi-Rez Studios, and more. No endorsements implied or received.

Doug Kendall (Game Creator) is a fantasy & sci-fi fan, and a hard-rockin' drummer & singer, who gets a lot of joy from creating things that others find entertaining and useful.


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Publish Date October 25, 2020
Edition First Limited Edition
Department Games
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Why buy this?

  • VCG System TM: 10 different ways to play!
  • Licensed art from Forrest Imel & Gold Crown Games!
  • A good mix of strategy and luck!

Doug Kendall Entertainment TM

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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