Character Trades - Poster Set (PDF Download)

Develop your child's positive character traits with Character Trades.

"Character Trades" uses the fun and excitement of games to introduce your child to positive characteristics that lay the foundation for lifelong relational success.

NOTE: This is a PDF download.

This 36 poster collection is the perfect complement to all Character Trades games. As you discuss a new characteristic each week, hang a poster on the wall, bathroom mirror, refrigerator or other prominent place. Great way for kids to memorize character traits and their definitions.

- 36 posters, one for each character trait
- 1 overview poster
- Each poster measures 8.5 inches by 11 inches

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Action Shots



Cool Factors

  • Based on 4 primary personality types' strengths / weaknesse
  • 36 important character traits included
  • Creates opportunity for important discussions on character


DesignerCrossmark Games
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Publish DateMay 03, 2014
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