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Chariots Of Fate - 4.0-2023

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Chariots of Fate is a race like no other! You, as the charioteer, win by overcoming obstacles, dealing with poisons, getting amazing strength through powerful meditations, and fighting the forces of Pride, Ignorance, Attachment, Aversion and Fear of Death! It is a fight for a Life of Freedom!

Credits: Game Concept & Development: Rathi Raja & Madhu Allu

Game Mechanics & Rules: Aarya Agarwal, Asvin Ranganathan, Adithya Patnam, Mahir Patel, Manu Agarwal, Ankur Raghavan

Rapid Game Rules: Ankur Raghavan, Raghav Bansal, Nishant Naveen, Jash Mody, Deven Shah

Art: Adityaa Balasubramaniam

Play Testing: Shreya Vasudevan, Dylan Benedictus, Adya Misra, Seva Kantu

RULES: Chariots of Fate -How to Play- Ankur - Ppt - 2023 Slides Presentation

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Publish Date July 23, 2023
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Why buy this?

  • You get to be a Charioteer
  • Conquer the Poisons with Meditations!
  • You will be laughing all the way to victory!


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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