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Chase Me Around (The Game)

Strategic & dynamic Card Game that will take you & your friends on a fun chase around the table!





The summer breeze gently sways your hammock, in the shadow of tall trees, while you lay on it sipping an iced tea. All of a sudden, your dogs, Camilla & Ciccio, who until then sat quietly by your side, spot a squirrel across the lawn. After looking at each other, they spring into action happily chasing it around the whole backyard. You smile thinking back at the time when, as kids, you and your friends used to chase each other around in summer days just like this one. As you doze off in the company of these pleasant memories, you begin to dream about chasing and being chased around…

Strategic & dynamic card game that will take you, your family & friends on a fun chase around the table! 5 min to learn, 10 min to play and guaranteed hours of fun! Challenge other players, collect tokens and use the ability of each character to reach winning combinations!



Chase Me Around™ is a set-collection card game for 2-4 players of 14yo+ that takes 5-10 min to play. Players take turns to try and collect as many tokens as possible. To win tokens, they can either challenge one another, using the number on the cards, or play a card based on its ability. Abilities are described by symbols shown on the upper left corner of the cards. Tokens and cards can be used to form winning trio, which are three elements of the same set, easily identified by color. Before the game, players decide the difficulty level by the number of tokens needed to win (1-easy, 2-medium, 3-hard).The first player to reach any winning trio and claims victory by saying 'Chase Me Around' wins the game. Additionally, you can also play Chase Me Around - The Maze (Solitaire) using the same game components. Please check out the separate free Rulebook for it!

At game setup, each player is dealt two cards and MUST always have two cards at the beginning and at the end of any turn.


During their turn, players can do one of three things:

  1. Challenge another player, using either one of their cards,
  2. Play a card based on its ability,
  3. Trade-in a card for another from the top of the stockpile (this action does not win any token).

Winning a challenge or being able to play a card, allows the player to collect from the backyard the corresponding token to the card used.

Challenges are decided by the highest card and are an easy way to win tokens, especially at the beginning of a game.


When players use cards abilities, the real fun begins! Steal cards or tokens from other players, Chase tokens around and back to the Backyard, swap other players cards and ruin their strategy or defend your tokens & block plays in Style! :-)

All these and more are shown in the abilities summary cards below, also included in the game package.



Chase Me Around is a game that will never cease to entertain. Once you master the base version of the game, you might want to give a try to one of its many variants, beginning by increasing the difficulty level.

There are three levels of difficulty: the base version (Happy Puppy Mode) needs just a token (+ 2 cards) of the same combination to form a winning trio. The medium level (Pretty Kitty Mode) requires 2 tokens (+1 card) to win. In the hard level (King Hamster Mode), players MUST collect all three tokens of a combination to claim victory. At this level, the Animal Control is not used.

We recommend starting at the easy level and increasing the difficulty (more strategy & longer games) as you go.

For more tips, tricks and modes of play, including an incredibly Fun Team Rivalry version (2 players vs. 2 players) and a very engaging BFF-Secret Mission version (Co-op version with all players together against the game), please see the tutorial videos in our youTube channel.

Are you ready to Chase & Be Chased Around? :-)



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Publish Date October 30, 2021
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Why buy this?

  • Strategic Game that promotes quick thinking!
  • Hours of endless fun in a small package!
  • Awesome Characters on Beautifully Illustrated Cards!

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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