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Cheapy Ninja, Ninja, Soup! Ninja, Ninja, BOOM! logo

Cheapy Ninja, Ninja, Soup! Ninja, Ninja, BOOM!

Possibly the easiest game you'll ever love.




Ninja Ninja Soup, Ninja Ninja Boom is a card drawing game where players take turns drawing runs of ninja kitty cards. A player draws ninja kitties until they draw a soup or a boom card. If they draw a soup card, they keep the ninja kitties. If they draw the Boom! card, all the ninja kitties run away and don't go into your pile. Whoever has the most ninja kitties and soup at the end wins!

From the playtesting notes: This game has something magical about it. Anyone can teach it to you in 20 seconds and then play it with you for an hour. And when someone draws their 5th ninja in a row, the game becomes serious. At the 6th ninja, their eyes go wide with anticipation. At the 7th ninja you can hear a pin drop in the room. And when they finally hit a fruit there's actual cheering. If they hit a boom, there's a group awwww. I've never seen such emotional commitment to a card flipping game.

Developed by Raptorforge kids, this is a game that can be played by anyone that can flip a card and say ninja. It's a hit with any age group, and the way that it engages the players makes it as fun to watch other people playing it as it is to play yourself.


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Publish Date December 17, 2013
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Why buy this?

  • Learn it in 20 Seconds; Play it for hours.
  • Appeals to anyone of all ages.
  • As fun to watch being played as it is to play.

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