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Chivalheart: Uprising is a card-driven, strategy wargame from the Iron Age creative movement!




Chivalheart: Uprising is a card-driven, strategy wargame from the Iron Age creative movement!

In Chivalheart: Uprising, one player assumes the role of the imperialistic Seren while the other becomes the desperate Rebels with the latter’s homeland providing the battlefield(s). The two factions are highly asymmetrical and feature different strengths: the Rebels have superior numbers and means of maneuvering around the map, while the Seren start with control of all settlements and are fundamentally more dangerous combatants.

The gameplay of Chivalheart: Uprising is turn-based, with every turn comprising of the same three phases: Strategy, Action, and Upkeep.

In the Strategy Phase, players manage their hand of strategy cards and may select one to play. The effects of the cards are wide-ranging, from immediately mustering reinforcements to eliminating enemy units with special attacks to paralyzing entire armies or using magic to transport them across the map.

In the Action Phase, armies march across Bergavik and clash in bloody encounters. Which specific unit is being used determines which dice they roll to attack with: Rebel units use either 1D4 or 1D8 while the well-trained Seren enjoy the use of 1D10. There are also bonuses that augment the result of a dice roll; for example, defending a city or Rebel outpost grants the defenders +1 to their results, while the presence of Ssarac on the battlefield grants a Seren army a whopping +3 no matter the circumstances.

In the Upkeep Phase, the factions determine if they’ve met their objectives to win the war: for the Seren this means moving their Suppression Tracker to 7, while the Rebels liberate their homeland by simultaneously controlling all cities or three cities and both towns on the map. If no victory conditions are satisfied, the active player then collects gilders and spends them on things like reinforcements, fortifications, and espionage.

Some elements of a war are outside of the participant’s direct control. In Chivalheart: Uprising, this is expressed by event cards that are played once every third round and represent bitter winters, unexpected deficits, plagues, and more.


Small Mount Studios is an independent brand of a few friends who want to share their very best creations with others. We are committed to providing quality entertainment while avoiding any and all social or political commentary, which we consider completely outside of our purpose and scope.


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Publish Date March 09, 2023
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  • Dynamic, Card-Driven Strategy!
  • Asymmetrical Factions Collide!
  • Exceptional Replay Value!

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  • This game contains laser cut components. Laser cut items will have a slight amount of soot around the edges, which can easily be wiped off; and will have a campfire smell for about a week after you open them.


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