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Church Kerfuffle

When a disagreement threatens to split a church, instead, let's build our faithful fighters instead!




Sometimes, disagreements in the church escalate to where there's only on way to solve the issue: A church split. But that is always a messy, messy affair. How can we choose sides fairl without such a drastic outcome? How about we break out the flannel graphs, build ourselves two fighters, and have a kerfulffle?!

In this game you go head-to-head in a battle for who has the most dominant make-believe fighter, making your case for supremacy, and the spectators choose who wins.

In fact, you could solve any disagreement like this!

Works similar to SuperFight and could be used with as an expansion to their game, though Church Kerfuffle is not affiliated with SuperFight in any way.


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Publish Date May 26, 2018
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Why buy this?

  • Hilarious Fighters!
  • Crazy Attributes!
  • A Christian-friendly parody version of SuperFight!


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