“The Parent Geeks found City Center to be a great deal of casual fun. It was enjoyed with their families and among their peers. Games were breezy and very playable in a house full of noisy kids.”

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City Center

A fast city-building game for two to six town planners.

The hand you draw up front is all you get, so you choose your moves wisely. You could steer the city towards small mom & pop shops or invest in heavy manufacturing. Place apartments next to a park or make them listen to the fire station all night. Decide whether you want mills or malls. And how do you react to your fellow planners' decisions?


Square DeckSquare Deck (1 deck of 14 cards)
Square DeckSquare Deck (1 deck of 14 cards)
Square DeckSquare Deck (1 deck of 10 cards)
Square DeckSquare Deck (1 deck of 10 cards)



Action Shots



Cool Factors

  • Actually works across 2 - 6 players.
  • Fast turns keep everyone engaged.
  • Unleashes the zoning bureaucrat in everyone!


DesignerBurnt Orange Games
Average Rating (1)
Publish DateJuly 27, 2013
DepartmentBoard Games
ThemeReal Estate
SettingModern / Present
AudienceCasual Gamer
Primary MechanicMap Building
If You LikeCarcassonne
More InfoCity Center web site

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