“City of Gears is a game that does not disappoint, in any fashion. Its creative use of resources to manage and high amount of variability keep you coming back for more!”
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City of Gears

Race To Control An Abandoned Steampunk Metropolis


See the complete review by guest judge Ben Haskett (Baldrich's Tomb) here:

And the winner is... [news.thegamecrafter.com]

IN 1912, the brilliant inventor and industrialist Sir Esmund Fynglass had an idea that captivated the world.

HIS CITY OF GEARS was to be a shining example of the future, powered by steam and driven entirely by a vast multitude of gears and cogs. The whole metropolis was one complete unit, filled with buildings, streets, and homes all connected and working harmoniously to the sound of machinery.

TRAGEDY STRUCK when Fynglass died young, leaving his greatest work unfinished mere months before its completion. With no guiding vision and funds locked up in litigation, the City of Gears fell into ruin, its amazing machinery stolen or falling into disrepair.

TODAY, you are part of a small circle of very competitive venture capitalists with the innovative spirit, technology and funding to bring the City of Gears to completion. Using a workforce of clockwork men, steam-powered generators, and unique inventions which defy the laws of nature, you must revitalize the long-dormant mechanized metropolis and etch your name in the history books as the one who brought life to the City of Gears!

In the game, players are competing to see who will control the CITY OF GEARS!

Each turn, you will roll a number of Production Dice. Then, you will move your Workers and perform a variety of actions (such as drawing and placing Gears to reactivate areas of the city, Sabotaging opponents, and activating unique Steam powers), as determined by the Production Dice results. Finally, you will check to see if you’ve triggered the endgame. If not, play passes to the next player.

Once the entire city has been connected by any player, or the Gears are all drawn, the game ends and Victory Points are calculated based on tile ownership and other factors. The player with the highest VP wins!

CITY OF GEARS is a game of exploration, area control, worker placement, and strategy. Because only 9 of the 16 City Tiles are randomly chosen and placed each game, no two games will be the same, and no killer strategy will work from one game to the next.

As the City is revealed and its abilities are discovered, players must concoct plans to accrue Victory Points and hinder opponents so that once the endgame is reached, they will emerge victorious!

Do YOU have what it takes to set the CITY OF GEARS in motion?



The first expansion to CITY OF GEARS, entitled JUSTICE AND MIGHT, adds new City Tiles and gear tokens, allowing players to use aggressive or diplomatic means to bring about victory in the CITY OF GEARS!

City of Gears: JUSTICE and MIGHT [www.thegamecrafter.com]

The second expansion, SHADOWS IN THE STEAM, introduces cards to the game, providing powerful abilities and twists to the gameplay.

City of Gears: Shadows in the Steam [www.thegamecrafter.com]


Version 1.2 - 5/30/14
The rules have been altered in the following ways, as updated in the rulebook:

1. When a Gear is blown up using Bomb results, you remove the Gear token from the game instead of putting it back in the bag.

2. Extra Dice icons and Reroll icons are now called Tile Bonuses to differentiate them from Steam Powers.




Action Shots



Cool Factors

  • CLOCKWORK AUTOMATONS do your bidding!
  • STEAM POWER provides your Factory with unique abilities!
  • SCIENCE AND INDUSTRY illuminate your paths to victory!


DesignerChris Leder
Average Rating (8)
Publish DateAugust 24, 2012
SettingAlternate Present

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