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A matching card game for fantasy roleplayers.




Inspired by Dragons,

Invented by Goblins,

Played by Humans!

Whether you’re a sailor on the open seas, betting over who gets the last swig of grog, or a parent looking to have some fun with your kid, you can’t go wrong with Clawpeck. Inspired by the dangerous fangs and sharp claws of dragons, goblins invented a simple game to keep themselves occupied while avoiding work or guarding piles of stolen gold.

This game is perfect for those moments when you and your adventuring party are seated by the fire, roasting up a squirrel, and toasting to another dungeon-well-delved.

Challenge your wits, memory, and strategy in this deceptive, simple game made by deceptive, simple folk.

The goal:

  • Match cards until only YOUR shape or color is face-up on all three piles.

You can do this by taking a risk and drawing a new card, flipping a card already in play, or by using a card you've saved for later because you're a big smart goblin with a big goblin brain. Good job!

Sounds easy right? Grab a copy, challenge your party members, and win yourself the biggest chunk of that squirrel.


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Publish Date November 19, 2019
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Why buy this?

  • Easy to learn, difficult to master.
  • Goblins invented it.
  • Plays best when in a tavern or by a campfire.

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