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Coffee Tarot Grande Edition

The first, and only, Tarot deck dedicated to all-things coffee.




The first deck to correlate coffee—the beans, the growing, the roasting, the brewing, the enjoying—with the archetypes of Tarot.

Years ago, Tarot expert and author Janet had an idea for a coffee-themed Tarot: an entire deck whose cards featured some aspect of growing, roasting, brewing, drinking, serving, spilling or enjoying this delicious brown elixir—as well as its fruit and beans.

She and her husband, artist Ron Boyer, began brainstorming cards.

Some, like Out of Business—our version of the Death card—were firmly grounded in “real life”.


Others, like Caf~Fiend card—our version of The Devil—were fanciful.


Ron delved into research—reading about coffee growing, cultivation, harvesting, roasting, brewing and more. (Every oracle we create sits atop an extensive foundation of research—and lengthy discussion). As with our first Tarot, the Snowland Deck, Janet provided texts and insights into each card—especially what each actually means in a reading...which makes for a modern, useful and intuitive tool for inspiration, problem-solving and divination.

Diversity is important to us, so you will see varied ethnicities, body types and ages in this deck (Woohoo!)


You'll also no doubt recognize some pop culture references, too--as well as a resurrected coffee zombie (Wake-Up Call, our version of Judgment), a Latte Pro 8.0 android (8 of Earth), alternate history (JAVA astronaut in The Moon and ancient coffee hunters in Tradition), aliens (5 of Air), 8-bit coffee video game (7 of Air), the caffeine molecule (6 of Air), anthropomorphized animals, homages to master paintings (4 of Water and 9 of Air)...and yes, daily scenes of life with coffee.


For the Court Cards, scrolls and small white cups are the rank symbols for the Pages, metal travel mugs and horses for the Knights, dainty ivory cups and delicate crowns for the Queens and black mugs and large crowns for the Kings. The suit elements are represented as Water =Chrome, Fire=Copper, Earth=Bronze and Air=Silver.

You can read all the rave reviews of our deck--right from the mouth of our happy Kickstarter backers--at Coffee Tarot


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Publish Date December 12, 2017
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Department Tarot and Oracles
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Why buy this?

The images lend themselves well to diving deep into some creative and unique interpretations. The Coffee Tarot is not minimalist at all, and I love that.

  • Created by Husband/Wife Team of Ron and Janet Boyer
  • Majors Are Done in Coffee Colors
  • Court Cards Feature Four Types of Cups/Mugs


  • This game does not come in a box.


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