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Stay within the lines, or not! Color your own Rider-Waite tarot!




What could be a better deck for you than one that you've colored yourself? It doesn't matter that you're not Van Gogh! Each of us is blessed with innate creativity, we just need to exercise it more to tap into it. This deck works well with Sharpies, and other markers, including alcohol ink ones from Amazon. Because it's important for you to be free to try different media to see what works best for you, the deck includes several duplicate cards to experiment on! The deck is uncoated to allow you to color it. I have found that coloring a deck is a great way to become more acquainted with the symbolism. You notice things more when you color them rather than just flipping through a deck. Also, how lovely would it be to be gifted a tarot deck that was colored by your friends and loved ones? What a great idea for a friend who is having a major life event. A wedding, a baby shower, a move? A deck that all their friends have colored would be such a warm and thoughtful gift!


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Publish Date March 13, 2023
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Why buy this?

  • Extra cards so you can try different markers or pencils.
  • People don’t have to be white if you don’t want them to be.
  • Doodle! Make it the funkiest RW deck ever!


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