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Come to Call

A set collection competition of royal one-uppery.




Hear ye, hear ye! Money’s a bit tight around the kingdom. Hey, royal PR person! Go impress the local rich patrons. You know, without making us look too… desperate.

Rich patrons love intrigue. Who is the least important delegate you can send that’ll still steal the show?

Kings are easy, but what if that gossipy Fool shows again? And where’d all these Butlers come from!?

Come to Call is a set collection competition for 2–6 players.

How It All Works

The first player to score enough total favor points after stealing the show wins the game. So how do you do that?

Each round, players take turns trying to make sets in their hand of 7 cards. A set is 1 Butler, plus 2 or more Kings, Queens, Heirs, Diplomats, or Fools.

A Butler, plus the set cards: Kings, Queens, Heirs, Diplomats, and Fools

The more powerful your set’s type, the fewer favor points it’ll score if it wins. (Shown in the hearts.) Pick your delegation strategically.

Bigger is Beautiful…er

Make sets as big as you can to out-rank smaller sets of the same type. Sets of 5 or more will even score bonus points.

Look for double cards and “and-a-half” cards.

When counting how many cards are in a set, most cards are worth 1, but each type also has 1 double version that’s worth 2. There’s also 1 and-a-half card per type that lets you win ties over sets of the same size.

You might even find Wilds that you can add to any set!

Wild and Hear Ye! cards.

The round ends once someone discards its second Hear Ye!. Players then come to call.

Come to Call

Players now secretly choose which set (or sets) they’ll send to try and steal the show. Once everyone’s ready, reveal all sets sent to the show.

Stealing the Show

First, discard all identical sets at the show. (How gauche! But remember, and-a-half cards win ties!) Then, discard all but the largest set of each type.

The most intriguing set remaining steals the show:

  • Kings beat Queens, Heirs, Diplomats & most Fools. (See Fools below.)
  • Queens beat Heirs, Diplomats & most Fools.
  • Heirs beat Diplomats & most Fools.
  • Diplomats beat most Fools.
  • Fools usually beat no one, but beat everyone if someone else’s King is still at the show, and the Fool’s set is at least as big as the King’s set.

The guide at the bottom of each card shows who beats who.

Psst! Every set card has a reference of who beats who.

Score the Round

Whoever played the winning set scores favor points based on its type:

  • Kings → 1 point
  • Queens → 2 points
  • Heirs → 3 points
  • Diplomats → 4 points
  • Fools → 5 points

Also, all sets of 5 or more (counting its Butler, Doubles, and Wilds) not discarded at the show scores bonus favor points too:

  • Set of 5 → 1 point
  • Set of 6 → 2 points
  • Set of 7+ → 3 points

Check For a Win

If the player who stole the show this round has enough total favor points (based on player-count) they win!

  • 2 players → 18 points
  • 3 players → 16 points
  • 4 players → 14 points
  • 5 players → 12 points
  • 6 players → 11 points

Otherwise, shuffle up and play another round. You must steal the show to win!

Take It With You

Come to Call comes in this rugged little mint tin. Toss it in your bag, pocket, or glove box without worry.

The game in its tin.

It takes little room to play, making it great for camping trips, filler-time, and family game nights alike!


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