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Conf-ID-ential Cards

Discover 4 Secret Identities for fellow convention attendees to save on your Conf-ID-ential Card




Conf-ID-ential Cards was created as part of the Single Card Challenge.

To Play

Register a badge for one of Protospiel Online’s triannual online board game playtesting conventions at

Use the box on the front of the card to record the month/year.

While attending the convention, when you playtest a game for a designer, ask them which team they are on (♦ ♣ ♥ or ♠).

When their team matches one of your blank boxes on the back of your Conf-ID-ential Card, ask them to tell you their Secret Identity, and fill in the box matching their team with info for this designer and their prototype.

Each attendee can learn their team and Secret Identity by typing the message !brt in the #join-my-team channel inside Discord.

To win: Fill in all blanks on the card back.

Designed by: Heather Newton

Sprcial Thanks

  • David Masnato -- game developement
  • AnnaMaria Phelps of Violet Daisy Games -- game name
  • Jon Gill -- rules editing
  • Protospiel Online community -- playtesting!


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Publish Date January 09, 2023
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Why buy this?

  • Make a fun PnP keepsake to remember designers & games played
  • Good pre-playtest icebreaker
  • Collect one for each Protospiel Online convention you attend

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  • This game does not come in a box.


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