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Conquest of the Stars

A Card Based Strategy Game for 2-4 players playable in 20 minutes.




A card based combat game for 2-4

"Sir, we've found a habitable world". The fleet commander smiled at the sensor tech's report; this was excellent news. "Dispatch a light cruiser to claim it. Make sure to put the missile pods on as well. We want to make sure we get this one."

Moments later the tech reported "Sir, the enemy has sent a heavy cruiser, with an escort. Our ship needs help."

The commander didn't hesitate as he gave the order "Send in the battleship with the elite crew. That should make them think twice about this fight. We'll put an end to this war today, mark my words!"

A card based combat game where the goal is simple: you are out to capture more planets than your opponents. Of course your opponents are trying to do the same thing, so it's not going to be easy ...

Each turn you draw cards to add to your fleet, then explore to find a planet. You will decide how much of your fleet you want to commit to take this new planet, but the other players may decide they think it is worth battling over. They will then commit some part of their fleet, and the battle is on. Players then continue to commit ships and upgrades to better their rivals until one player emerges victorious.

Sounds simple enough. And it is simple; but simple doesn't always mean easy. Victory can be snatched away by a well timed counter attack.

Watch your strategy on when and how much of your fleet to commit to a battle. You may end up over committed too soon in the game and be unable to effectively fight the final battle when it comes.

Jeff King at All Us Geeks did a podcast review of my game, give it a listen: Riggers Dream of Conquest of the Stars Episode 68

Just got a review from Game Centric TV:


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Publish Date March 09, 2014
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Why buy this?

If you enjoy fast card games where victory is a matter of restraint and thinking ahead, do sit down and play Conquest of the Stars

  • Strategy game, learn to pick your battles
  • Quick to learn and play, perfect for a lunch break
  • Low complexity, get the whole family involved


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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