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A social deduction game of thrones with no night phase full of backstabbery goodness.




Shaun McMillan, the creator of ALLIANCE and Great Boy the Game, has created a small card game called, "Conspiracy."

It's social deduction for 4-9 players with no night phase. Players are allowed to form alliances or make enemies of any players they choose but they can also back stab their allies. Secret role cards can be secretly passed off to other players at the end of the turn, so players seeking revenge are never more than 50% certain about who they should attack unless they can figure out their enemy's strategy.

You can see a video of the last round of students playing here


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Publish Date December 04, 2018
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Why buy this?

  • Social deduction with no night phase
  • Stab and hide while also placing a target on anyone you want
  • You get to choose who to ally with and play against.

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