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Crap Amidst Hilarity - Dump the Third

Thrice the vileness, it's Crap Amidst Hilarity - Dump the Third, for use with Cards Against Humanity
Back with 25 more brown and 75 more yellow cards, it's Crap Amidst Hilarity - Dump the Third! Our thirdiest expansion yet! With over 20 re-themed cards in the vein of the official Box expansion, we really put the toilet in toilet humor and the Crap amidst the Hilarity! If you're easily offended or disgusted - well, you wouldn't be interested in this game if you were, now would you?


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Why buy this?

  • POOP!
  • Contains no MSG!
  • More enjoyable than most funerals!




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Publish Date December 09, 2015
Edition Dump the Third
Department Board Games
Genre Humor
Audience Party
If You Like Apples to Apples

Despicable Bastards

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