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Crossfire at Cripple Creek

An old west game of rapid fire deduction.

3-6 players, ages 10 and up

You're a good for nothin outlaw who's made a name for yerself terrorizin’ the decent folks settlin’ this wild country and gunnin’ down anyone who dared look at ya sideways. You just sauntered into Cripple Creek, CO and planned to make it real clear to the sheriff and townspeople how it's gonna be. But to your surprise you see another ruffian ridin’ in. Then another. Then another. Until no less than 5 other rough characters and yerself meet up for a stare down in the middle of the street. It's clear y'all ain't here to talk it out peaceful like. You'd just as soon ride on to the next town, but your reputation as a fearless killer is at stake. You squint to your right and left. Your finger twitches. Then you make your move…!

Crossfire at Cripple Creek is a mashup of two classic game styles: Clue and Spoons. Cards get passed around the table as fast as possible as players try to deduce the location and weapon of an opponent. When any player feels they can guess correctly they yell "BANG!" to stop play and must immediately say the name, locations and weapon they have deduced ("Stinky Pete in the Saloon with a Shotgun"). If the guess is correct, that player gets points, but if they're wrong they lose points.

The trick is that you can only have 3 cards in your hand at a time. So while you're doing your best to deduce, you're also going to have to commit some to memory if you hope to come out on top.

After the first player guesses, each other player must take a guess at another character's location and/or weapon. Correct guesses are rewarded with points (less than the first guesser) and incorrect guesses are penalized with negative points.

Crossfire is a great family or party game that plays fast and gives every player opportunity to think fast and make the most of drawing the right cards..

Download the rules for free before you buy for a full description of gameplay.




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Publish Date December 07, 2018
Edition First
Department Card Games
Genre Fighting
Theme Western
Setting Old West
Audience Family
Primary Mechanic Deduction
More Info Crossfire at Cripple Creek web site

Why buy this?

  • A deduction game in a speed format
  • Hold your own in an old west shootout
  • Easy to learn, quick gameplay

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade where the printed components will be embossed with a linen texture.


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