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Crowded Kitchen

Overworked chefs scramble to collect the ingredients they need




A Word From the Designer

Hi there, I'm Michael, the designer of Crowded Kitchen and creator of Onederful Games.

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I set out to make Crowded Kitchen with the dream to liven up contract card games like Rummy with speedy gameplay like Nertz or Dutch Blitz. I also wanted to make a game that people of any age could play - where reading wasn't required and the theme was familiar and fun. From this, Crowded Kitchen was born.

It has been a joy to play and test with my children, my siblings, my family, friends, and expecially my wife, and now it is my pleasure to get to share it with you.

Crowded Kitchen


Be the first to finish your recipes in this fast-paced food-based real-time card game.


"A ton of fun in a tiny box!"


"All the Ingredients you a few surprises"

Complete Recipes

A player counts off "3-2-1 Go!" All players flip their face-down recipes face up.


Players simultaneously begin completing recipes using the ingredients from the Kitchen. Ingredients are placed below a Recipe in the order shown on the Recipe card.


Plan Ahead

Ingredients can be taken from the Kitchen and placed in a player's Pantry. Ingredients in a pantry may be used to complete a recipe, but only by the player they belong to.


Players may also move uncovered Ingredient cards from one Recipe to another, and if they don't like a recipe they can send it back into the deck for a new one.

Sabatoge your Friends

A Pantry Mouse may be taken from the kitchen and played on opponent’s pantry. Mice may be played on a blank space in a pantry, or on top of an ingredient. That space cannot be used this round.


Earn Stars and Win!

When a player has no cards left to draw from their Recipe deck, they shout, "Bon Appétit!" and the round is over.

Players score one point for each completed Recipe and Ingredient used to complete those recipes. The player with the most points, wins the round and earns a star card. But be warned.

Each star you earn blocks a recipe spot in future rounds, so to win, you need to prove you truely are the fastest cook in the kitchen!


Play with up to 7 people at once!

Make your kitchen even more crowded with the Salt & Pepper expansion, and play with up to 7 people all at once!


Player Feedback



Design by: Michael Wostbrock
Art by: Marie Heart

Thank you for your support. Let's all make time to play :) Logo-Simple.png


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Publish Date August 24, 2021
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Why buy this?

"Crowded Kitchen is plain and simple fun." "The kiddos are enamored, squeezing in games after meals, after schoolwork, before bedtime. They are shouting, slapping...and laughing through and through.

  • Fast-paced, real-time, chaos!
  • Friendly competition for all ages
  • A ton of fun in a tiny box!


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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