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Custom Dividers for the Ant-Man Expansion

Custom Dividers for Ant-Man expansion




Like all the other Divider sets, this is the perfect way to organise the Ant-Man expansion. It keeps your cards organised, and has the important information available at your fingertips.

There is a Divider for each of the 5 Heroes in the expansion. It indicates the number of cards of each Class, and also what cards are required to activate the bonus abilities. "Wasp" has 11 Covert cards, 3 Range cards and is a part of the Avengers team. Some of her cards have Size-Changing (and some have Microscopic Size-Changing) triggered by Covert cards. She has bonus abilities that are activated by previously played Avenger cards and Covert cards.


There is a group Divider with both Villains, for people that keep their cards organised by set. There are also 2 individual Dividers, for people that keep all their cards organised by type. The Dividers indicate that some "Ultron's Legacy" cards use Microscpic Size-Changing with Tech, and has cards that are Empowered by each of the 5 classes. There are also some that capture Bystanders, and others that ask players to reveal a Strength card or gain a Wound.

"Queen's Vengeance" has cards with Microscpic Size-Changing with Strength, Covert and Range cards and some cards with Chivalrous Duel. There are also cards that give a Wound to players that can't reveal a Tech card, and will play another card from the Villain deck if you can't reveal a Covert card.


There is 1 combined Divider for the Masterminds, both which have normal and Epic versions. "Ultron" asks for players to reveal a Tech card, or adds cards that will possibly Empower him. "Morgan Le Fay" has Chivalrous Duel, and has a couple of cards that want to see a Covert card, or give players a Wound.


The set comes with 15 dividers:

  • 5 Heroes

  • 1 Mastermind

  • 1 Scheme

  • 3 Villains

  • 1 Title ("Ant-Man")

  • 4 Blank

The Blank dividers are available to have something printed on them. If you were after something specific, please send me a message and we can work something out.

More sets available soon ...


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Publish Date July 11, 2021
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Why buy this?

  • Keeps the expansion organised
  • Shows the total Class amounts for each Hero
  • Highlights required classes, teams, wounds and bystanders


  • This game does not come in a box.


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