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Custom Dividers for the Core Set

Custom Dividers for Marvel Legendary




This is a named set of Dividers to organise the cards in Legendary. It keeps your cards ordered, and has the important information available at your fingertips.

There is a Divider for each of the 15 Heroes in the set. It indicates the number of cards of each Class, and also what cards are required to activate the bonus abilities. "Black Widow" has 9 Covert cards and 5 Tech cards. She has bonus abilities that are activated by previously played Covert cards and Tech cards, and rescuing Bystanders is a big part of her theme.


There are 16 Dividers for the Villains and Henchmen. Group dividers (of 2 or 3) if you keep your sets separate, and individual dividers if you keep the Villains from all your sets together. As an example, some "Brotherhood" villains require you to have an X-Men Hero in your hand, and some of them give Wounds. Some "Enemies of Asgard" villains require you to reveal a Range card, or you will receive a Wound.


There are 2 Dividers for the 4 Masterminds. The Master Strike on "Dr. Doom" asks players to reveal a Tech hero, or put 2 cards back on top of their deck. "Loki" asks people to reveal a Strength Hero, or they gain a Wound.


There is 1 Scheme Divider which lists all 8 schemes. "Replace Earth's Leaders with Killbots" has extra Bystanders. "Unleash the Power of the Cosmic Cube" gives out Wounds. "The Legacy Virus" Twist asks players to reveal a Tech hero or they gain a Wound. "Midtown Bank Robbery" lets Villains in the bank capture Bystanders.


There is also 6 alphabetised Scheme Dividers for those that want to keep the Schemes from all their sets together.


The set comes with 45 dividers:

  • 15 Heroes

  • 2 Masterminds

  • 1 Scheme

  • 10 Villains

  • 6 Henchmen

  • 1 S.H.I.E.L.D. Officer

  • 1 Starting Hand

  • 1 Wound

  • 1 Bystander

  • 1 Scheme Twist & Master Strike

  • 6 alphabetised Schemes

Everything you need to keep your cards ordered, whether you order by card type, or expansion.

More sets will be available soon.


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Publish Date June 12, 2021
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Why buy this?

  • Keeps the set labeled and organised
  • Shows the total Class amounts for each Hero
  • Highlights required classes, teams, wounds and bystanders


  • This game does not come in a box.


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