“"So impressed with your breakthru work on the Unicorn Deck. Each image is imbued with the spirit of pure joy and creative potency! How deeply you have worked, and how pure this transmission is!”
~ JJ

Dancing Uniquorn Oracle Deck

Dancing Uniquorn Oracle Deck

Each piece of original Dancing Uniquorn original art - and each card - is more than "just art" or "just another oracle card." Each card is literally transformational portal. A healing that will continue to assimilate and integrate!

For each piece of art (and card), Spirit gave me a recipe of Assisting Frequencies (Anahata Codes) and a Sacred Activation (I'm a certified SA Master Practitioner) to best support the message and energy of the artwork itself. And some of them have been surprising at first, but I've come to learn that the most powerful guidance is often the MOST surprising and unexpected! So I trust. And it turns out, each set of codes and Activation are so utterly perfect!

Each handdrawn card in this magical deck has FOUR layers of meaning and energy, for infinite resonant interpretations and transformation:

1. The image and words/mantra on the image (multiple layers of interpretation)
2. The paired message in the booklet
3. The Anahata Codes/Assisting Frequencies recipe encoded, and
4. The Sacred Activation infused into each card.

Each card in the deck is a lasting physical representation of huge transformative power. And each piece of art (and card) includes not just one, but TWO HEALING SESSIONS (the recipe of Anahata Codes and the Sacred Activation).

Each card has a linen finish and UV coating, and each JUMBO DECK comes in its own box with a 20-page booklet containing a deeper message for each card! You'll also have access to a 70 PAGE COMPANION PDF which describes in more detail each Sacred Activation and each Anahata Codes Assisting Frequency recipe!


Jumbo DeckJumbo Deck (1 deck of 51 cards)



Action Shots



Cool Factors

  • Handdrawn, handprinted original illustrations
  • Each card is infused with Anahata Codes & Sacred Activations
  • Activation audio recording per card (purchased separately)


DesignerMellie Rose Test
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Publish DateDecember 05, 2016
DepartmentTarot and Oracles
AudienceCasual Gamer
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