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Dart through the Amazon

A 1-4 player frog collecting game that features two modes of play for both children & adults.

Playing as researchers on a quest for exotic specimens, Dart through the Amazon leads you through the world's largest rain forest to collect colorful dart frogs for scientific study. Racing against your fellow researchers, this expedition is no simple task, for amidst the Amazon, danger lurks around every bend.

As a 1-4 player dart frog collecting game, Dart through the Amazon features two modes of play designed for both children and adults to enjoy!

The base mode which is played without special rules and abilities offers younger children the opportunity to play the game. We also recommend this mode for beginners who are first learning the game.

The advanced mode of play features Researcher Cards that have their own special abilities adding new twists throughout the game. This mode is enabled by selecting one of our eight Researchers before the game begins.



Dart through the Amazon features 4 separate location decks and 5 specimens of Dart Frog. The number of decks per game is set by the number of players (ex. 2 Players = 2 Location Decks). Each deck contains 2 of each Dart Frog specimen and 1 rare Chameleon Frog that can be paired with any other type of Dart frog to make a match. The goal is to gather 4 pairs of frogs before your opponents.


Also included in the decks are Rock and Snake cards used to steal cards and force your opponent to discard before they can score their frog pair. The abilities of these cards are triggered when drawn so you never know when you will be the target of a card ability on your opponents turn.


This game now also comes with Variant rules for the Guide mini expansion, for an additional way to play, as well as a Solo option.


Quick to pick up and easy to enjoy, Dart through the Amazon is a fun activity for family time, road trips, game nights with friends and more.


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The card game is solid, excellent rules, smooth game play, and delivers a rewarding gaming experience.

  • Easy to Pick Up Gameplay
  • Two Modes of Play for Kids & Adults
  • Original Watercolor Art by Fatima Camiloza




Average Rating 3 reviews
Publish Date December 10, 2015
Edition First
Department Board Games
Genre Science
Theme Animals
Setting Jungle
Audience Family
Primary Mechanic Drawing

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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