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Welcome to Death Devom Cards (DDC) All DDC cards are made and owned by TCTComics.




DDC Rules and how to play

Welcome to Death Devom Cards (DDC) All DDC cards are made and owned by TCTComics, All art is made by TCTComics. In this card game, we are giving duelists a chance to dive into our universe, as the story will unfold into our video game, let’s start by telling how to play!!

Deck - All decks must contain 40 or more cards, players are allowed to use 3 of the same cards for their decks.

~Tips - It is wise to use 3 or 2 of the same cards in a deck, with some effects helping gain the advantage. Summon or Summoned,For Summon (When this Soul is sommon your can) Meaning In anyway way it was Summoned, Super Summon or Normal summmon) Summoned must have be normal Summoned to use this Effect.

Soul Points per game - Every player starts with 20,000 Soul Points, in a one on one match. When your Soul Points reach Zero you lose the game.

Extra Deck - The Extra deck contains Black and Gray cards, there is a 25 card limit.

The Black cards are high Super Summoned Souls known as Legendary Souls, God Souls are Rank 6 - 9. On the card you will see a text saying (R-) meaning Required 1 to 9 Souls as a rank 6 - 9. Allowing you to Super Summon a Soul into battle. You can Super Summon as many times as you can, during your turn when using a Legendary/God card unless a spechael requirement is offered otherwise.

Gray cards are known as Hyper Souls, Hyper Soul cards require a requirement for Super Summon, the cards called Maxed Contact are the only way to Super Summon them.

Battlefield - In the Battlefield there are 5 Soul zones and 5 utility zones

Soul Zones - Soul zones are used to summon or Super Summon Souls, in Offensive or Defensive mode. Offensive Souls must be summoned face up on the field, Defensive Souls can be summoned face down or face up on the field. When Souls are face up they can use their Skill, if the Soul is face down then once another Soul attacks that Soul. It is turned face up and can use a Skill, which is known as flip Skill active.

Utility Zones - In this zone, players can use Equipment cards that can be activated out of the player's hand. The same goes for Skill Trick cards, Skill trick cards are activated when the player plays them face down in the Utility Zone, after their own turn they set them. Some Skill Trick cards and Equipment cards can be activated from their hand with the rules stated on the card to play from the hand.

Terraforming Zone - Each player is allowed to use a Terraforming card in their Battlefield, this card can help gain advantages for themed decks.

Hand - Both players draw 6 cards when they start their turn, every turn they draw a card. The player keeps the cards hidden from the other player, unless they have a partner in Tag Battles. Players can look at their partner's hand. There is no limit to how many cards you are allowed to have.

Soul Wall - The Soul Wall is where Souls go after they are taken off the battlefield either by being attacked or destroyed by a Skill, Skill Trick or Equipment. Souls can activate Skill’s from the Soul Wall or be Super Summoned back into battle.

B.R Zone - The Banished Realm Zone is where cards go when they are banished there by Skill, Skill, Trick or Equipment. The cards that go to this zone do not return until the next game. Most Xolic cards use B.R Zone attacks, making it very difficult to get those cards back in the game.

Tag Team Battles - Tag Battles is where two or more players team up against another team or just one person. Each player uses a separate Battle Zone for themselves, in tag battles players can strategize with one another to take down the opposite team. These games play at 40,000 Soul Points, when the team loses all 40,000 Soul Points that team loses the battle.

How to play!! Decide who goes 1st (flip a coin or play Rock,Paper,Scissors) Then Shuffle your deck. How to perform your Turn.

Start Draw a Card

Main Phase (Plan Phase)

Play a Soul or set a card on the field use Equipment cards or Terraforming card

Fight! Phase Declare your attack - you can activate Fast or Reaction abilities. (Skill, Skill Trick or Equipment) Battle is in action - you can activate Fast or Reaction abilities. (Skill, Skill Trick or Equipment) Damage struck is dealt - Damage is calculated out of Soul Points or Souls Defensive.

Phase 2

Play a Soul or set a card on the field (if you haven’t done so) use Equipment cards or Terraforming card

End turn You can let your opponent know it is his or her turn.

Green cards are known as Soul cards, they have a Rank 1 - 9, Souls with Rank 1-4 can be Summon or Defensive Summon. Soul 5 must release 1 Soul to the Soul Wall to Summon a Rank 7 or 6, must release 2 Souls to the Soul Wall. 8 or 9 must release 3 Souls to the Soul Wall. You can only Summon a Soul once during your Main Phase or Phase 2 after battle.

Symboles of action for Equipment and Skill Trick cards

(+) Equipt to a Master, a player can Equip cards to a Soul as much as they want by piling cards on top of one another and show the rulings on the card underneath it. @ Infinity, these cards stay on the Utility Zone unless it is destroyed <!> Battle Hazard cards must be activated during a Main Phase or Phase 2. Battle Hazard cards must be set in the Utility Zone.

Fight! When a Soul enters the fight and attacks another Soul, if that Soul Offensive is lower than your Soul. That Offensive Soul deals the leftover damage to your Soul Points.

(Example) 1200 vs 1000 you take 200 Soul Points of Damage, If an Offensive Soul battles a stronger Defensive Soul you also take damage. If a Soul battles a Offensive Soul with the same Offensive then it is called a stalemate and both Souls remain on the battlefield.

Tournament Rules

1 fall match 2 out of 3 falls Tag Team 1 fall match Soul Points are at 20,000 for both 1 on 1 and Tag Team Ban list cards are of the following; There are no banning of Cards. All Cards can be defeated



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  • Fun to play and easy to master
  • Stradegy & tctics are big factors into building your deck
  • Trade cards with your friends


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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