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Deep Dig

Journey deep underground, fighting fearsome monsters and braving perilous dangers to find treasure.
YOU are a treasure hunter, exploring deep underground. Your goal is to collect more buried treasure than your rivals.

Be careful!! Lurking underground are fearsome monsters and perilous dangers. The deeper you dig the more treasure you'll find, but go too far and you'll lose everything!

How far will you push your luck?

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Deep Dig is an easy-to-learn adventure game for 1 to 6 players You can dig alone, or bring your friends along too. It takes about 10 minutes per player.

At first, the game will be lighthearted and a little goofy. But as you move down through the dig deck, things become darker, scarier, and deadly serious. At first you may be fighting bats and sleeping foxes, but eventually you will find yourself going toe-to-toe against ten thousand spiders or It That Hungers.

Deep Dig is a light game. It's easy to learn and you won't have to deep fry your brain just to figure out what your options are.

Now that's not to say that serious gamers won't enjoy Deep Dig. Every encounter has a compelling decision to make. While you can relax and do whatever you want, those who carefully choose which dangers to avoid, which tools to buy and when to use them, and whether to fight or escape from each monster, will have an edge over their opponents.

With 107 unique cards, there's plenty to explore. And even after you've seen all the cards you'll find that there are so many possibilities that you will never know for sure what's lurking around the corner. Every encounter is full of suspense.

Would you like to learn more?

To learn the rules, you can download the rulebook below.

To learn about the world of Deep Dig, you can download Underground Ecology below.

And finally you can check out some of the cards in the game in the upper right corner.

It's time to see what's down there!

IMPORTANT: Deep Dig requires about 12 counters per player (not included). You can use coins, glass beads, parts from other games, or any other small object as counters. You can also buy glass beads and other suitable counters from this very site (under shop > game pieces). Counters were not included because they would raise the price to $30 and most of you will already have coins you can use anyway.

Rulebook reviewed here:

Free print-and-play version available upon request. If you don't want to print all 180 cards, you can request a 57-card sampler. Card images will not include illustrations and will be designed to minimize ink usage. Allow a week after the first request for compiling the print-and-play images.

There will be a how-to-play video, an introductory video, and an actual game play video coming soon.

Update v1.1 : Fixed typo on Possibly Illegal Drugs by adding "roll the die and".


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Why buy this?

I actually had more fun playing Deep Dig than I thought I would. My daughter and son enjoyed it enough where they wanted to play it again several times and I enjoyed it enough where I didn’t mind ...

  • Easy to learn.
  • Lots of excitement and adventure.
  • Rich underground theme with 180 cards to explore.




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Publish Date May 28, 2014
Edition First
Department Board Games
Genre Adventure
Theme Mining
Setting Modern / Present
Audience Casual Gamer
Primary Mechanic Press Your Luck


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