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Deluxe Fanucci Deck 4.7

Because Fromps are Cool




"Double Fanucci" was an imaginary card game encountered by people who played Infocom's "Zork" series of text adventures. This deck is based on it, and features all 15 suits and the nine trump cards, for a total of 174 cards. This is the 'Deluxe' form because the suits are in color, something the original Zork game did not have. This version of the deck has a blue and black pattern on the back. Rules for three games (so far) are included.

Please take advantage of the download section; you can print your own full-color copies of the games' rules (the ones included with the cards themselves are grayscale), as well as being able to assemble a handsome full-color tuckbox to keep your Fanucci deck and game rules in.


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Publish Date April 16, 2013
Edition Fourth (4.7)
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  • Unique deck, unlike any other
  • Multiple games with the same deck
  • Easy to learn, fun to play


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