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Derbalan Shuffle: The Shuffle Begins

Derbalan Shuffle: The Shuffle Begins

Derbalan Shuffle is a goofy, rules-light RPG that uses cards instead of dice. Prepare to face terrifying foes such as the Huggy Cactus and the Chinchilla con Queso. Will you become the Elementalist and overpower all obstacles with the power of rock, paper, and scissors? Will you take on the role of Universal Theocrat and protect your allies with love while bringing forth divine wrath against the intolerant? Will you ignore the main plotline and spend the whole session stealing stuff as a Cat Burglar? All these possibilities and more await you in Derbalan Shuffle.




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Publish Date May 12, 2015
Edition First
Department Games
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Why buy this?

  • Easy to learn, makes for fantastic one-shots.
  • Fun cards the bring out the humor in everyone.
  • Monsters and loot included for quick random encounters

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