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Strategically toss your fruits (dice) across the forest floor to land them in soft soil patches!




Chuck your dice and gain control of soil patches by having the most seeds in them! Be strategic as you place the walls (boxes) and use your abilities to outgrow your opponents.

Overview Video (1:33)

Variable Forest Floor Setup

Use the 6 double-sided forest floor mats to customize your experience. Fewer soil patches will make the game more tense.


Tossing Fruits

Set the boxes up as walls and aim carefully.


Using Abilities

Mitigate the positions and values of your fruits with abilities!


Area Majority Scoring

If your fruits have the most seeds in a soil patch, you get the points!


Dice Mitigation Contest

Disperse is one of many entries in The Game Crafter's Dice Mitigation Contest. Thank you for the support, Disperse was a semi-finalist! I will be making some updates before publishing.

The following are ways that you can mitigate the randomness of the dice in Disperse:

  • Use abilities to reroll, increase the value, and toss the dice again.
  • Knock out your opponents' high-valued dice.
  • Strategically determine when to use a D4, D6, or D8.
  • Use the box to control the randomness of the die roll.


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Publish Date January 28, 2024
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Why buy this?

  • Learn to play and start tossing dice in under 5 minutes
  • Use double-sided mats to create a variety of play surfaces
  • Move around the table to set up the perfect shot


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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