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Dog Refuge

Educational dog game promoting adoption from shelters.




Take the role of a dog shelter in searching the perfect dog for each adoption situation. Every round, a new "Adoption Card" is drawn on the table. Players must read what kind of dog the adopter is searching for, trying to find one dog that would best match the adoption by looking at each dog’s statistics and needs:
Space - Energy - Training - Grooming - Origin - Physical traits - Temperament.

The winner of the game is the first to empty his shelter (hands), finding a home for all dogs!

Dog Refuge is a mini-game that is easy to learn and play, mostly educational from learning about the different breeds of dog, and in which lifestyle each dog would fit best and be happier.

18 adoption cards and 34 dog breeds included:

Alaskan Malamute - Australian Cattle - Australian Shepherd -
Akita - Beauceron - Bichon Frisé - Beagle - Border Collie -
Basenji - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Cane Corso -
Coton de Tulear - Dachshund - Dalmatian -
English Cocker Spaniel - French Bulldog - Golden Retriever -
Great Dane - German Shepherd - Greenland Dog - Irish Setter -
Jack Russell Terrier - Leonberger - Labrador Retriever -
Newfoundland Dog - Nova Scotia Duck Tollin Retriever - Pug -
Pumi - Pembroke Welsh Corgi - Rat Terrier - Siberian Husky -
Shih Tzu - Samoyed - St. Bernard.

All profits goes to fund a non-profit local animal protection agency. (RPABDC.COM)


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Publish Date February 27, 2014
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Why buy this?

  • Real Dog Statistics & Information!
  • Educational & Family Friendly!
  • Collect Dog Breed Cards With Photos!


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