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An intense pressure-cooker card and dice solo game experience that fits in your pocket




DOOM MACHINE: A Mint Tin Card + Dice SOLO Game


DOOM MACHINE is an intense pressure-cooker card and dice solo game experience that fits in your pocket. Face off against an ever-evolving, ever-growing machine of death and destruction! Find and defeat the doom core before humanity is annihilated.

Beware: the machine evolves, grows, and cycles each of its parts every turn. You must roll your dice with care, use abilities to modify the results, allocate dice to deal or block damage, and strategically destroy parts of the DOOM MACHINE to prevent your demise.


Gameplay Overview

Each turn consists of two phases:

In Phase I, you'll roll your unlocked dice, using the limited available utility slots to modify or re-roll, then allocate dice to either shields (to block incoming damage) or to machine part cards in play (if the roll criteria is met) to deal damage to a part. Destroying parts earns you additional dice for future rolls.

In Phase II: The machine AI takes action, cycling the tracking die on each of its available machine part cards and triggering abilities when the die reaches an icon on its AI track -- potentially dealing damage, repairing, locking die, and impacting gameplay in other nefarious ways.

When all of the machine parts have completed their cycle, the entire line shifts down one slot and a new machine part is added to the doom machine line, increasing the difficulty with each turn.

Can you keep the machine at bay long enough to destroy the core and win?

How To Play Video:

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Average Rating 46 reviews
Publish Date September 13, 2021
Edition First
Department Games
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Why buy this?

"It just works. Really smart. The visual execution is just fantastic...overall, it's a very impressive mini tin solo game that I think people will enjoy.

  • Highly re-playable pocket experience
  • Innovative design and AI mechanics
  • Dark, dystopian art


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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