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Rules-light open-world solo adventure in a medieval-grimdark setting. Multiplayer options available.




  • This solo card game is a roguelike adventure in the form of 90 huge cards with pictures on the whole front sides and texts on the whole back sides.
  • You represent a doubtful hero struggling through his miserable fate in a grim medieval open world full of mortal dangers and cruelty.
  • On every turn, you take 3 cards from the top of the deck that represents your future. From the three cards, just based on the images, you choose one path to reject, one path to postpone, and one path to go. The path you have taken is then revealed - you turn the card, read the story, make some decisions according to the text and apply the eventual changes, losses, or gains to your character sheet or just a piece of paper. This way you build your fate of a medieval pilgrim-hero and you try to survive the whole journey to the bottom of the "your future" deck. There are fights, NPCs, equipment, and many more... just as in a gamebook (a very grim & dark one, full of odd meetings) but there is no dice rolling, everything depends on your decisions and on the path you had gone before. For the next play, you will possibly remember what image hides what kind of event or fight, so you may choose your path wiser, according to your current equipment, and fitness. But there are always mortal dangers lurking in dark corners of this corrupt god-abandoned world, eager to put doom on you!

  • Exploration journey of a doubtful hero revealing his fate – Focused on rich replayability. One play uncovers just a bit from the huge world – you will need repeated plays to get into it properly. The more you remember from your last journey, the less randomness in the gameplay now.

  • Tarot inspiration – Strong symbols, immersive atmosphere...

  • Grimdark setting – You are going to lose limbs and organs, you can be a victim of depression, fear, insanity or deep nihilism... maybe you will lose even your ludicrous honor! Nothing is fully bright and positive here.

  • Open world where everything is possible – Maybe you'll become a landlord, a wampyre, a thug or a medieval businessman, a champion of the green knight... an indestructible warrior in a magic armor or on the contrary a crippled being, the most miserable wretch...

  • "Real" feel of horror! Brought by special mechanics of the game – you can be afraid of cards, not knowing what hides behind the unsettling images while being sure one wrong step can put doom on you.

  • 1 : 1 postcard size images – atmospheric, somewhat primitive ink paintings trying to summon "cave paintings qualities" to get the primordial, let’s say "subconscious" effect on the player, for the deepest immersion in the story – and they are not covered with anything, as the texts are on back sides!

  • Idle gameplay elements in the best sense of the word - No dice or studying of rules needed, the cards themselves tell you what to write into your character sheet, depending on your choices, equipment, current state...

  • Depraved, decrepit, deranged... that's what you can expect. And there will come more of this filth in numerous expansions...

  • Dozens of ways on how to become doomed – and only a few on how to prevail.

The game consists of a box of 90 huge cards (twice the size of a classic MTG card).


Multiplayer options are available as free downloadable add-ons with even more free PDF content updated regularly (printable character sheets, alternative rules, etc.). You can get the actual add-ons pack here with the original soundtrack!

pilgrimecek.png Or support the soundtrack authors Ange.Mac + Shaun Garea directly on their own page.

Sleeves for the cards (2times bigger than a classic MtG card) can be ordered here.

Print-and-play version with the same content is available here.


FAQ: Isn't it too expensive? It is just a box with 90 cards!

Answer: The cards are 2 times bigger than a classic poker card, so you are paying for like 180 cards in material. Also, each card has its own original back, so the content is doubled too compared with most card games. Moreover, Doom Pilgrim is made in the U.S.A., one piece on one demand, and this does result in a higher price than using imported mass-produced products but we believe in supporting American workers and businesses. Anyway, if shipping costs and taxes could be the problem, you can always consider using the unabridged PNP version that you can craft yourself at home.


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Publish Date October 28, 2022
Edition First
Department Games
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"Best small game of the year"

  • Rules so easy & intuitive that they fit on the box
  • Focused on rich replayability & open for many expansions
  • Lots of deciding & equipment – while no dice rolling


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