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Doomsday Device

In Doomsday Device, players take on the role of a maniacal villain intent on destroying humanity!




In Doomsday Device players use strategy, deception, subterfuge, and memory while racing one another to collect enough Doomsday components to destroy -or- take over the world (depending on personal preference.

There is a constant draw pile (players discard face down to the bottom of the draw pile) meaning that if you've got a keen memory you'll have a good idea of what's coming next... unless someone plays Memory Wipe.

The deck consists of 3 Villain cards, 5 Component cards, and 10 Action cards. Players use the Action cards in an attempt to figure out who has what, and to obtain the 3 Components they need to build their Device. Once a player has obtained all 3 Components here or she places them down on the table and informs everyone else that they are losers. Politely of course.


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Publish Date December 22, 2017
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Why buy this?

  • Use strategy and deception to gather up Doomsday components!
  • Pocket-sized with quick gameplay - perfect to take with you!
  • Giant Laser Beams! (ok there's only 1 actual laser)

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