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Down To Brass Facts Volume 2 - Secondary Edition

Collect, Steal, & Destroy to win this topsy-turvy game of cards.




The second edition is finally ready.

This Edition is fully compatible with The Primary Edition, Volume 1. I have added 3 new Rainbow Decks and Tokens, new Earth Cards, as well as 6 new Blank Earth cards for you to invent your own, or replenish lost cards.

You do not need to own Edition 1 to play Edition 2.

They are playable without or with each other. Playing them together allows up to 6 players, however, and might result in hours of fun on a Friday night.

Down to Brass Facts hilarity continues to grow stronger and more powerful as the days go on, because of people like you.

It is you who are the face of the truth for "Flat Earth." I'm simply a smith, in the background, grinding out new and better things for you to take into battle.

Everywhere I've marketed, people are amazed at the idea... That they can have the power of a teaching tool at their fingertips so they can teach their children, open the eyes of their friends, and yes, even lend it to the pastor of their church.

It's unstoppable. Why? There are a few reasons.

1) God [The Creator, YHVH, as found in the Bible] made our stationary, enclosed earth for a reason. It behooves us to find out at LEAST what it looks like.

2) The Bible [Tanakh, Torah] declares the glory of God to us readily and easily.

3) Science always proves The Bible. People used to believe that the book of Jonah was just a story until 1842 when excavation began and they found Sargon's Palace. Archeology proving what men had forgotten.

4) Science itself, specifically the Scientific Method always proves a stationary, non-rotating, enclosed earth.

So, if we only go with #4 alone, we are safe... Let alone the three other points. And that's the good news. As long as we base our assumptions on good research and proven science, we will always come to the correct conclusions. It never helps to believe someone about anything without having researched it yourself.

That bears repeating. I will rephrase.

If you only believe what you are told, and have not looked into the matter, you will forever believe anything anyone tells you. No matter the subject, no matter the field... If you let yourself be talked into anything, you will allow yourself to be talked out of everything.


Since this game is based upon the good works of the people who have gone before me, there is no way it can fail.

Sure. I may have made some mistakes here and there with the proper explanation or definitions to certain proofs, but I will revist and revise as needed. But revision does not equal redaction.

The earth is fixed and motionless... It is at rest. It is not a chaos driven spinning space water ball. There is simply no proof, no matter what Hollywood and the Prussian Education system tell you.

Therefore, if you deeply desire to win your friends into truth, I have this great tool for you. Fork over some fiat currency for some actual wealth.

As I asked in the description of the Primary Edition: "Is it worth it?" Is it worth it to bring over your Star Wars friends (as I like to call the indoctrinated masses) and have the potenial for their derision and their laughter? Is it worth it to suffer undue scolding from your family? Is it worth it to be "THAT GUY" or "THAT GIRL" at work? Is it worth it to set yourself up for ostracism for a seemingly outlandish idea?

With every ounce of my being, I still say: "Yes."

The game is for sale today.

Enjoy it.

I will also be developing the websites to host more information as time goes on. or

-Pauly Hart


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Publish Date March 09, 2021
Edition Secondary Box, Volume 2
Department Games
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  • Trick-Taking
  • Flat Earth


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