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Dragon Stones

A racing/obstacle game that has a Chess-like feel.





Two neighboring dragons have had it with each other, and so has the local wizard! He has arranged for a contest between the two dragons, the winner claims the icy land of Solation, while the loser must find a new mountain top to terrorize!

This contest will be no picnic. It is so cold that entire clouds have been known to drop out of the sky! Also, beware of the ghosts who haunt the land and will drive even a dragon crazy if it becomes surrounded.

Two Ways to Play!

  1. Capture the Flag- get to your opponent's lair first.
  2. King of the Mountain- get to the top of the mountain first.


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Publish Date September 11, 2018
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Department Games
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Why buy this?

  • Strategy level of Chess.
  • Usually plays in 10-20 minutes.
  • Dragons... Need I say more?


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