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This item includes only the physical Dreampunk deck, not the Dreampunk rulebook. The Dreampunk rulebook is available separately.

At night, you dream. Your dreams are not idle imaginings, but visits to a persistent world of wonders and dangers both personal and alien. Will you find power there? Will you find freedom? Or will you slowly slip into Entanglement, and be trapped there forever?

Play to find out!

Dreampunk is a tabletop roleplaying game for 2–6 players comprised of two parts: a rulebook and a deck of surreal art cards. Rather than the numerical randomness of dice, it uses these cards as both creativity prompts and a resource to power your special abilities. This item is the physical Dreampunk deck.

The Dreampunk deck consists of 78 tarot-sized cards that are central to the feel and dynamic of play. While Dreampunk can be played with other surreal art cards, this deck of cards has been carefully designed to have a variety of contrasting elements on each card, providing a wealth of possible interpretations and uses to players.

The Dreampunk deck includes art from thirteen amazing artists: Sarah Morrison, Jhenne Tyler, Kindred Styles, Chad Wyrwicz, Obaseun “godofiron” Ogunkeye, September-XYZX, steff bradley, Idefix, Nathaniel Santore, Camille “Karma” O’Leary, Finn J. Carey, Santiago Alzate, and Natalie Olivari.

For full art credits and extras, visit the Dreampunk website.


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Publish Date February 03, 2022
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  • drive unique adventures
  • inspire unanticipated twists
  • use with any surreal art card-based game


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