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A semi co-operative dungeon crawler with a colorful twist!

Making it this far has not been easy. You enter the chamber before you. The enemy is ready and waiting! Their cries of outrage echo off the rough walls as they advance upon you. This challenge will not be easy, but you know you are not alone! Readying yourself for the attack, you draw your Gems!! Wait, Gems?

Yes, Gems! Dungeon2 (squared) offers an unusual take on the classic dungeon crawler. Battles are won and lost, treasure and magic items are collected, and gold is hoarded using a clever deck building and color mixing mechanism. It’s as easy as yellow + blue = green, but offers tense, simultaneous play for 1-4 players.

Brave heroes, grab yourself a handful of fun, and prepare yourselves for adventure.....

Dungeon2 (squared) includes:

Square Deck of 140 cards

Instruction booklet

Dungeon2 (squared) is a quick, fun, simultaneous dungeon crawl for 1-4 players!

You will wield powerful powers!

  • Warrior: Draws an extra card and can "pull" another character along to the next room.
  • Cleric: Use your protection spell to stave off damage for yourself, or another player.
  • Thief: Steal the top treasure card from the deck to add to your, or another player's, character deck.
  • Mage: Use three of any basic color (red, blue, yellow, or white), or reduce the Challenge for another player by 2.

You will face challenging challenges!

  • Safe Passage: Assures you won't lose health for the turn.
  • Treasure: Draw a treasure card to add to your character deck.
  • Magic Item: Draw a card from the magic item deck to use as a resource.
  • Gold: Add gold to your Gold tracking card toward end of game victory points.

4 levels with 12 unique rooms each offers tremendous replay value!

Build the dungeon stack, flip the first room, and your adventure begins!

Deal cards from your character deck until you have four face up, with your character icons showing. Mix your Gems (red, yellow, blue, and white) to meet the quantity and color (orange, green, purple, or white) of the challenges of the room!

If you can navigate the 8 rooms, meet the final challenge, and reach the exit, you'll be a hero.

Exit with the most Gold and Gems in your possession, and you'll be Champion of the Dungeon!

Dungeon2 (squared) is a great time for your party of adventurers, but offers a fun experience to solo players as well.

Adventure on!




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Publish Date April 26, 2018
Edition First
Department Card Games
Genre Fantasy
Theme Dungeons
Setting Medieval
Audience Casual Gamer
Primary Mechanic Deck Building
If You Like Dungeon Raiders

Why buy this?

  • Easy color mixing mechanism.
  • Simultaneous play, no down-time.
  • Unique powers for each character deck.


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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