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Dungeoneering Dolls Tarot

An Old School Action Figure
While all adventurers sought glory and fame, most have gotten it and just retired. Evil doesn’t stop, just the heroes. So a famed magician, Percival Thistlewood, designed two feet tall wooden golems who, upon receiving garments, would spring to a life of adventure. Collectors from all over the kingdom crave these Dungeoneering Dolls for their status and the riches obtained through quests.

This is a quick game of assembling a great collection of cards while stealing cards from others. Eventually, once the first Quest Card is revealed, end game scoring begins and this is where your collection can truly shine. Send your dolls off on quests for even more points.

Note: The only difference between this version and Tarot is the size of the artwork and some additional tips in the rulebook. The Standard Edition of the game can be found here.
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Why buy this?

  • Quick playing Frentic Action
  • Watercolor Artwork
  • Comes in Poker or Tarot formats




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Publish Date December 05, 2013
Edition First
Department Card Games
Genre Fantasy
Setting Medieval
Audience Family
Primary Mechanic Set Collection


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