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Duskwall Heist Deck

Inspirational deck helps invent heists in Duskwall.
These cards are designed for use with Blades in the Dark, a role playing game about scoundrels building a criminal empire in the haunted city of Duskwall. The game is intended to have minimal preparation, with an improvisational focus.

This deck has two parts. First, 50 obstacle cards (with suggestions for varying difficulty.) Second, 40 cards with an important person on one side and a treasure on the other. The cards are color coded.

A few random cards can help a game master see which important person might hire scoundrels to target which other important person, and what the object of the score might be. Then the game master can draw some obstacles, and quickly customize them to the site and the scoundrels.

Check out the instructional .pdf for an outline of the steps for using the deck to create a heist.

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No Fair Fights: A Look at the Duskwall Heist Deck for Blades In The Dark []




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Average Rating 5 reviews
Publish Date January 22, 2016
Edition First
Department Self Improvement
Genre Fantasy
Theme Crime
Audience Game Master
Primary Mechanic Storytelling
More Info Duskwall Heist Deck web site

Why buy this?

These cards are so good! They add a wealth of great NPCs, treasures, and obstacles, each perfectly suited to Duskwall. I can't wait to use them in my own games.

  • They fuel inspiration, and don't have their own rules.
  • The obstacles have suggestions for variable difficulty.
  • Each element suggests questions, for further customizing.

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