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Solo Civilization-Building Game




Torchlight plays across haggard faces. Hundreds of tired eyes watch a pair of scarred hands chisel runes.

"We honor you well, Lord of Nitoris," your owner declares between strikes of his hammer.

"We honor you well, Lord Nitoris." BANG.

"We honor you well..."

Finished, your master tosses his tools in your direction. He stands.

"We flee the dragons no farther! Consult the crystal cog!"

Those hundreds of eyes turn toward you. Unlike your own, they glisten with tears.


Rebuild a civilization

The dwarfs depend on you, their crystal golem, to guide their civilization after the dragon apocalypse. Defeat the enemy. Multiply the population. Build new cities. Explore a magical world. Trade with other Peoples. Thrive!


Structured as a branching narrative, Dwarfdom invites you to direct the plot -- but only if you master a unique combination of dice challenges.

Extremely easy to start

Print 1 page and navigate the hyperlinked PDF. You need only 5 standard D6 dice, a pencil, and an eraser. There's no lengthy rulebook. The game explains all key mechanisms as they appear.

Free access to much more

This playtest preview includes one-quarter of the full book. You'll receive free access to the rest of the book if you complete a 5-minute feedback survey, which will guide refinement and extension of the game.

Make this your epic

As the prequel to What Lies Beneath, Dwarfdom presents the epic backstory to a magical world. Make it your story! Play through the whole book at one go, or play 10 minutes per day.

It's your choice.

It's your fate.

Turn the page on destiny today..



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Publish Date March 21, 2024
Edition Playtest Preview
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Why buy this?

  • It's a Choose-Your-Own-Path book
  • It's a dice manipulation game
  • It's a prequel to a highly-rated game


  • This game does not come in a box.


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