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Try to survive riots, plagues, natural disasters, and each other in this brave new world!




Years after society focused all its time on glowing rectangles and stopped paying attention to each other, four groups remain to vie for control.

Can you build the most powerful civilization before the time runs out?
Welcome to . . . DYSTOPIA!

Edition 4:
• play tested cards to increase interaction between players
• new card backing more inline with the concept of the game
• rules change to allow playing more than one card in certain situations
• increased importance of Citizen cards
• balancing of Natural Disasters cards

Edition 3:
• balancing of starter cards
• rules and cards text clarification

Edition 2:
• balancing of victory points
• addition of new player interaction cards
• rules clarifications
• game artwork determined
• name determined: Dystopia

Edition 1:
• self-printed prototype for playtesting


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Publish Date May 19, 2016
Edition Fourth
Department Games
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Why buy this?

  • Develop a city to rival friends!
  • Gather specialists to help avoid disaster!
  • Sabotage your friends' plans to end up on top!

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