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EFT Divination Kit

A Two Deck Kit for EFT To Replace or Complement Muscle Testing




This kit is being professionally printed and can be pre-orders (or you can receive more details) through visiting my website: Website

This kit include two card decks in a small stout box: the EFT Divination & Chakra Deck and the Emotions and Timeframes Deck.

All cards are 2.5" x 3.5" (small and poker sized). I made them small so they would be less clunky for healing work.

Also, the EFT Divination & Chakra deck in this kit DOES contain REPEAT CARDS (just so you know before purchasing that this is not a packaging error). The deck was designed this way to allow certain cards to be drawn more than once, in the case a block hasn't fully cleared.

There are 2 downloadable instruction sheets and a larger downloadable manual for the EFT Divination and Chakra Deck.

Part 1 of a walk through, showing the cards of the first deck, how to use the card backs, and the various cards and what they mean:

Part 2 of the walk through, shows more about the second emotions decks, how to work with the time frame features, and how to use the cards together in a layering process:

For an app where you can try the cards online before purchase, visit Free Online Divination Decks to Use With EFT and Healing

The two decks can be used together. For example, if you draw the "clear memories" or "heal the cause" card in the Path to Emotional Freedom Deck, you can use the Emotions and Timeframes deck to find the emotional cause or any timeframe to locate a memory connected to emotion involved. Or, you can start with the Emotions and Timeframes Deck to locate a trapped emotion or memory to work with and then use the Path to Emotional Freedom Deck to clear any blocks to releasing these emotions or memories.

Also, does not do card sorting. So, you might receive the kit and have to sort the cards into two decks yourself.

* Images by Nina @ShuffleTarot (instagram). Please do not download and use without receiving permission.


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Publish Date August 09, 2014
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Why buy this?

I have both of these decks and I absolutely love them for healing purposes. Mandy gets right to the point with this deck and its a great accompaniment to anyone on a healing path.

  • Can be used to replace or complement muscle testing with EFT
  • the two decks can be used together
  • simple design and easy to use

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