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A progressive trick taking card game that pits mysterious factions against powerful Elementa.




Elementa is a trick taking card game where mysterious factions use their skills to recruit Elementa: Elemental creatures with ancient powers that can be used to make your faction even more powerful!

Undertaking missions all over the world, each faction can win over Elementa to attain even greater skills. But beware - there are cursed Elementa that would hurt you rather than help you.

Elementa Black Edition pits the United Nations Special Operations (UNSO) faction against the mysterious Fire Blackened Hand Ninja Society.

The United Nations Special Operations is the world's premier special military operation. They conduct their business in secret and keep the world safe from rogue Elementa.

The Fire Blackened Hand is a ninja school that seeks to master the Elementa and learn from the power they wield.

Elementa is a two player card game which involves strategic play similar to Euchre. It's a casual game with an element of strategy that you'll play over and over again.


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Publish Date November 14, 2013
Edition Black R1
Department Games
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Why buy this?

  • Progressive Trick Taking format makes every game unique
  • "Art First" design makes the cards as pretty as they are fun
  • Great Replayability

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