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Elemental Blast

Elemental Blast: Strategy-Party Card Game




This is the Original Version - I Highly recommend getting The Second Edition Instead of This Version if you want the most complete/up to date version Elemental Blast is a fast and fun party game for 2-7 players. Use the elements to disrupt your opponents and achieve victory!

Elemental Sorcerers are vying for power and control of an ancient realm. In Elemental Blast you take on the role of one the last of these Sorcerers as you strive to bring peace or destruction (your choice) to the realm. What elements will you master?

Components- (63 Cards) 7 of each element, 1 Set of the rules of play, 1 Game Box: Gameplay is fast paced and exciting (similar pace as UNO but with pauses for strategic decisions)

Each element card is linked with a specific action. Example: Playing a FIRE card lets you use the action BURN, which forces the next player to discard 2 cards. Elements can also be stacked together to unleash even more chaos!

During the game players try to be the first to collect a set of five of any one element. Use fire, darkness, and wind to disrupt your opponents plans or use water, earth, and light to get yourself the cards that you need for victory.


7.25/10 BGG Average Rating:

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Elemental Blast

Elemental Blast

A gameplay review of Elemental Blast:

Our family's review of Elemental Blast |

Winner of 4 Game Crafter: Best Seller Awards! In recognition of a remarkable number of sales. Thank you Game Crafter, BGG, Kickstarter, and all of our Elemental Blast Supporters!

Joshua Lancaster (gad) - "This game is AWESOME, just got it in the mail. Played it for a couple of hours with my girlfriend, haha. So much fun to decide whether to grow my hand or screw her over. Taking it to campus tomorrow to play with ppl... very portable and accessible. Awesome game. Tell your friends! They would love this."

Phillip Ash - "I just got the PnP and I have to say you guys did a great job on formatting it. Out of all the PnP files I have received through Kickstarter yours was the only one I didn't have to reformat to print in an easy to cut fashion. Thanks again for taking the time to format this well."

Martin McCluskey - "Got mine in Scotland this morning! Impressed with the speed!"

Chris Breckenridge - "Received mine in Canada Friday. Great shipping and everything arrived intact. Thanks for the awesome game!!!"

Justin Tonglet - "Just played Elemental Blast with my niece Caroline who is 8. WE LOVE IT! She is particularly fond of skipping my turn with the Ice element cards. She says it is her favorite game ever!"

John Schiavo - "A light but entertaining card game. While there is some strategy, a lot comes down to luck of the draw. Good for gamers, better for non-gamers. I plan on using it as a gateway game to bring people from games like Uno into the realm of light strategy."

Ahmad Khan - "Very cool man, very professional and commercial looking, great job. Man Guns and Maple Syrup!!!!"

Crinaya - "A simple game with a draw one, play one rule. It's quick, easy, and fun."

Tucker T - "It was quite fun playing over the weekend. The game picks up and plays quite easily."

Mikhael Weitzel - "Just found our new favorite light weight, large group, filler/follow-up game. Elemental Blast plays fast, and fun! There is a great mix of stick-it-to-you cards and self-bolstering cards. Has a little bit of depth compared to other light card games. This is the perfect addition to our Friday night group where we start the night with a lengthy or heavy game and then move to a lighter game(s) until we are ready to call it a night."

Elemental Blast - Lead Game Designers: Carmen Cartisano (Snow), Dustin Oakley (D), Justin Brown (The Champ), Justin Smith (Bob), and Gregory Hingle (G).

Voice Actor: Justin Smith (Bob)

Popcorn Sunshine Games - Game Design Team: Tony St. Philip (The Samurai), Justin Tonglet (The Natural), Erron Holland (The Dr.), Matthew Richaeux (Pharaoh) Willis Thimmesch (Big Wildo), Trent Gauthier (The Pyro), and A.J. Altick (The Slam Man).

Game Theory Developers: Elizabeth Hingle (OP), Oren Mitzner (The Architect).

Board Game Geek Legend and Most Creative Backer Honor Award: John Schiavo

Maple Syrup Award: The Great Khan

Kickstarter Team Honorable Mention: Agent Steel Storm and Matt S.

Playtest Team: Faith Cartisano, Tia Cartisano, Alex Smith, Logan Smith, Kimberly Johnson, Anne Hingle, Henry Hingle, Hilary Hingle, Holly Hingle, Allie Hingle, Katie Hingle, Kylie Hingle, Hellen Martin, Thomas Martin, Baily Duplessis, Aaron Parquet, Ryan Woodall, Peter Ciepluch, Alex Anderson, and Shawn Abert.


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Publish Date September 16, 2013
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