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Elemental Clash - The Master Set

The non-collectible yet highly customizable fantasy card game for 2 - 4 players.




In ancient times long gone by, when the veil between the world of the humans and the realm of magic was thinner, allmighty wizards battled each other in epic duels to determine who was the master of sorcery and arcane wisdom. Armed with a Spellbook and with the aid of the enchanted Element-Stones, the sorcerers summoned fantastic Creatures and magical Spells. A wizard who had no more pages left in their Spellbook would eventually have lost the magical battle of wits.

"Elemental Clash: The Master Set” is a non-collectible but incredibly customizable fantasy card game for 2 – 4 Wizards who harness the power of the four Elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Water – in order to summon fantastic Creatures and cast magical Spells.

For each point of damage a Player takes through Creatures and Spells, he or she puts the topmost card from his or her Spellbook (card deck) into his or her Archive (discard pile). A Player who is unable to draw a card from his or her Spellbook when required to, loses the game immediately.

“Elemental Clash: The Master Set” will come with more than 300 cards - 80 different regular Creatures, Spells and Element Stones, as well as 10 Spellcaster cards, 8 Spells and Creatures designed by the "fans" (a contest was held on where users were able to submit their card ideas) and 5 exclusive, never before printed Promo Cards depicting people who contributed greatly to the game in its past.

If you are looking for a Fantasy Card Game that offers true CCG feeling without the money sink feeling attached to games in which you have to purchase countless randomized booster packs to get the cards you need, Elemental Clash may be the right thing for you. You will get everything you'll ever need in just one box! Every card will be included in playsets of 3 and one copy of the Elemental Clash Master Set easily supports balanced decks for up to four players!

For a visual card spoiler of the Master Set, visit!

The first full expansion is already in the workings and will most likely be released around Christmas 2013. The Mobile App for Android and iOS will be released soon as well.


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Publish Date August 31, 2013
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Why buy this?

"It’s a tight game, with excellent rules, outstanding artwork, and fast game play."

  • Non-collectible - highly customizable - very expandable!
  • True CCG experience without being a money-sink.
  • Over 300 exciting cards in one box!


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