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Elemental Clash: Legendary Legacy

Elemental Clash: Legendary Legacy is the first full Expansion to Elemental Clash: The Master Set.




IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT a stand-alone game. The base game "Elemental Clash: The Master Set is needed to play this expansion set.

The legends of the past arise from the mists of time to crown the heroes of tomorrow. A whole new world opens up before the dauntless traveller in the mythical realms of Elemental Clash.

Elemental Clash - Legendary Legacy is a voluminous expansion to Elemental Clash -The Master Set, coming with over a hundred exciting, brand new Creatures, Spells and Element-Stones, as well as ten amazing, never before seen Spellcasters, and never before released promo cards, giving you a total of over 250 cards in just this one pack, thus enhancing your Elemental Clash card pool and your deckbuilding options tremendously.

Many grand, new things await in Elemental Clash - Legendary Legacy, such as mythical “Unique” cards that are so powerful that you are only allowed to include one copy of each in your Spellbook, Neutral Spells and Creatures make their first appearance and a brand new type of Spells - Equip-Spells - is introduced.

Furthermore, Legendary Legacy has a strong tribal focus, including many cards that boost and establish the four major Creature Types or tribes in the game: Trolls for the Earth Element, Spirits for Air, Goblins for the Fire and Merfolk for the Water Element.

This and much more awaits the brave Spellcaster in Legendary Legacy. Will you be able to emerge as a hero and live up to the Legacy of Legends?

If you want to know what cards will be included in the Legendary Legacy Expansion Set, please have a look at the comprehensive, visual card spoiler including all 10 Spellcasters and the promo cards at EC: Legendary Legacy | []


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Publish Date May 30, 2014
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Why buy this?

  • Featuring over 100 brand-new, exciting cards!
  • A total of over 250 cards in just one pack!
  • Stunning artwork done by an international cast of artists!


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